zaterdag 14 mei 2016


Happy weekend! It is Saturday afternoon. Yesterday evening we got back from a lovely two day outing to Noord-Holland. We celebrated our wedding anniversary. And we enjoyed the sunny weather so much. At Thursday morning we first went to Alkmaar. There we saw this mill. " Molen van Piet".

Then we went for some shopping in the centre of the city. Great vieuws there too.

And some more old houses.

And a bridge.

After that we went for the beach at Hargen aan Zee.
The next day, Friday, we rented E-bikes and went for a bike ride through the dunes at Schoorl.

You can see the sea in the distance.

The lovely brem is flowering.

My husband. We had such a happy time together on the E- bikes. There was a fair breeze from sea but with these E- bikes this wasn't a problem at all! So funny!

And this is the little church in Groet. I loved the statue in front of it.
Hope you loved my tiny tour in Noord Holland. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Thank you for sharing with us the beautiful landscapes of your country and happy anniversary !