zondag 28 februari 2016


My last blogpost was already months ago. So now I decided it was more than time for a new blogpost! And because my job for the moment ( a job as a substitute teacher) takes a lot of my time and attention, I think it would be nice to share some photo's of a little outing we last had. My husband and I went to the northern part of our country, to Groningen.

The tower is the "Martini" tower. It is wellknown in the Netherlands. It is the tower of a church, but what I like most of it is the little house at the foot of that tower. It is a sexton's house, now used as a restaurant.

And look at these houses, aren't they beautiful?!

I never before visited Groningen. So for me everthing was new, and I loved it! Lovely stores and squares.

And fine restaurants. What do you think of this one? It is more like a monument!

Hope you enjoyed your visit and little tour through the city centre of Groningen.

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