dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

Look at these curious little lady's!

maandag 22 augustus 2011

Today I want to share a fun project with you.
But first I have to tell that my family always is laughing at me because of a strange habit. When I see a box with a nice shape I always want to save it instead of trowing it away. So you can imagine that my house is full of boxes in all sizes. Lately I saw this little box and I thought: I can make a lovely little present of it by using the shape. It is very easy to do. No need to buy expensive books or download patterns.
You only need a box, a scrap of paper and scissors and glue. Lay the shape down on a piece of paper as you see here below. Draw a line around it and cut it out. After that, glue it together as the original box was.

The final thing is, to add some embellishments as you like. I used the little bees of a stamp set by Hero Arts. It is called: "Be Happy". ( CL377) I also added a little tag, made with my cricut.

This is the inside of the little box. I can insert a little present of some candy.

Thanks for looking. Hope you liked it. Be sure to be back next week for another fun project

donderdag 18 augustus 2011

Berries and Bees
I like to show you some beauty's of nature.
Love the colors of these berries.

So fun to see how these bees come out of the flowers.
Wish you could smell the flowers. It's a very heavy sweet and spicy smell.
And they have so much tones of pink.

donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Recently we went to Utrecht, to buy school supplies for our children. What you see here is the "Dom" tower. You can climb in top of it, but I choose to see it this way. Made this photo at the roof of V&D. Of course, we ate some ice cream! I choose a "snickers" flavour. Didn't know it , but this is super yummy!!! They have a lot of pigeons out there flying around. One of them hit Caspers ice cream with his wings. We were speachless for a moment....

Later on we ate a pancake, down the street at the side of a canal. And just above my head I saw this. ( You can see a bike at street level, in the upper left corner of the photo)

It seems to me there are some nons singing with an organ. Although I've been there before I never saw it. I like it. At the left side of the terrace was the water of the canal and a cruise boat just went by.

We had a lovely day!!!!

vrijdag 5 augustus 2011

I saw this grasshopper when we went for a walk in our little forest, this afternoon. Lucky me, I had my camera with me! I don't see a grasshopper of this size quite often, so I went on my knees to make a photo. Miraculous creature, isn't it?!!!