donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Recently we went to Utrecht, to buy school supplies for our children. What you see here is the "Dom" tower. You can climb in top of it, but I choose to see it this way. Made this photo at the roof of V&D. Of course, we ate some ice cream! I choose a "snickers" flavour. Didn't know it , but this is super yummy!!! They have a lot of pigeons out there flying around. One of them hit Caspers ice cream with his wings. We were speachless for a moment....

Later on we ate a pancake, down the street at the side of a canal. And just above my head I saw this. ( You can see a bike at street level, in the upper left corner of the photo)

It seems to me there are some nons singing with an organ. Although I've been there before I never saw it. I like it. At the left side of the terrace was the water of the canal and a cruise boat just went by.

We had a lovely day!!!!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I ALWAYS love the wonderful pics you share with us! So lovely and your card is perfectly sweet, love that cupcake/icecream!

  2. Thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful country.

  3. Leni, somehow I've missed these posts......I always love coming here to see your photographs - what a neat tiny little sculpture of the nuns! Love the other photos, too, and your card is yummy!

  4. Great post, Leni - thank you for sharing your wonderful day!