dinsdag 30 april 2013

A new King and Queen

Today is an important day for our country the Netherlands!
Our Queen Beatrix signed her abdication this morning. And by doing that we got a new King and Queen: King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima.
Just at this moment we see all the important guests coming into the "New Church" in Amsterdam to join our royal family for the swearing of King Willem Alexander.

Last week a whole lot of people got a distinguishing mark by, than, Queen Beatrix. One of our friends got one. She became " Lid in de orde van Oranje-Nassau". Most of the time people who do a lot for society get such an honourful distinguishing mark.For her I made this card to congratulate her.

On my card there' s a crown, stamped with a Hero Arts stamp. The background is stamped with an Impression Obsession stamp. I also added the Dutch flag and pennant. Hope she will like it!
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dinsdag 16 april 2013

Hoek van Holland

"Hoek van Holland" , entrance of Rotterdam Harbour.
Recently we went there for a walk. As so many people in the Netherlands do from time to time. Especially on a sunny day! There's always something to see. Big container ships going in and out. But this day we saw some very beautiful sailing boats!

As you take a closer look you see the Rotterdam industrial area in the background. With the sun shining on it , it has something beautiful in a way...

And our children went with us there.

The nicest part is that you can walk right on the beach from there. We took a cup of coffee in a beach restaurant and were able to sit outside in the sun!!!
A wonderful day!

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zondag 7 april 2013

Tilda Paper

Last week I was playing with Tilda paper. After seeing the "Wrap Up" of the "Pattern Play" Class ,I knew that I would try to make a card after Jennifers example, with Tilda paper.
And here it is!

I couldn't stop and I made some more cards with the same layout.
As you can see here.

And here in a different color palette.

And some more!

And finally this one.

Wow, this was so much fun!
Now have enough cards for birthdays in April, ha!

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