dinsdag 29 juli 2014

Last week we went to Vlissingen. A city with a harbour at the Dutch coast.

One of the most famous dutch persons in history is born in Vlissingen: Michiel de Ruyter. A welknown dutch admiral. Sailing over the seas of the world. Exploring new land. Born on the 24 of March in 1607.

This a a statue for this amazingly courages person. But you can also visit a museum where you can learn a lot about his live. Last months a filmcrew made a movie about the life of Michiel de Ruyter, and last sunday the funeral of Michiel de Ruyter was filmed in Amsterdam on the Dam. Hope to see this movie when it is ready.
The ships people use nowadays are completely different then De Ruyter saw during his life. What would he say when he saw this?

I think this was more familiar to him.

And a final photo. Beautiful isn't it?!

We had a great day.
Thank you for visiting!

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