vrijdag 30 maart 2012


Today I was in Nijmegen. And I want to show you some photo's I made there. It was a day with a grey sky and some rain in the morning, but I had fun!
Nijmegen is situated along the river "Waal".

Here you see the "Waagh".

The "Stevenschurch" at the left side of it.

This is the "Latin School". It has statues with the apostels on it.

And finally me before the statue of "Mariken van Nieumeghen".It is a woman in a very very old play.
She is very famous in Nijmegen.
I'm sorry they sticked some stickers on her brest :)

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  1. AW.. .Leni!! I am drooling over the photos! They look so beautiful! I am looking forward to Amsterdam (Aug.14-17)!!