vrijdag 2 september 2011

As I promised last week I show you another fun project I made last week. When we went to a swimming pool a couple of weeks ago, my son bought an ice cream. When I saw the box of this ice cream I almost shouted of joy! It's a very beautiful box isn't it?! And I immediately saw some possibility's. So , of I went to the shop! I bought one too. And I can tell you...it's delicious. It has some fruit in it and it is covered with dark chocolate! Super yummy!

For this idea you only need a pencil, scissors and glue! Thats what I like about this kind of projects: it can be made with very little supplies. Of course it need to be cut apart at both sides. Then lay it down on a piece of paper you like, and trace a line around it. After that you can cut it out and glue it together as the original box was.

I used the orange variation of this Yillibean Soup Staples paper. I embellised it with some flowers, made with stamps by Hero Arts and a brad by Xenos.

And then I have to show you what I keep inside the box.......Yes, I need some spectacles shortly...just for cutting out some shapes! Hope you liked this! Thanks for looking!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, Leni, this is wonderful! My Mom would adore you for this, she is always looking for neat little cases for her glasses! :)

  2. BRILLIANT!!! and oh so pretty :p)

    I love Magnum ice-creams, they have just started selling them here in Texas where I live....."a little taste of home". None with fruit though (not yet anyway).

  3. How CREATIVE is this! I love your upcycling! Like you, I often look for ways t re-use the product/package! I also like the orange colors:) Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am glad that you agree that we should continue to thank the teachers as they are deserving (regardless of the kids' age/level). It is rarer to thank teachers who teach in higher grade (like in high school and beyond). But to me, that makes it even more important to let them know that they are much as appreciated as the Kindergarten teacher! HUGS! Love your blog by the way!

  4. great project upcycling. Love the mushroom photo on your blog banner.