zaterdag 15 oktober 2016


First I must apologize for not posting a card for a couple of days...Yes, it's a real challenge for me to think of it each day!

In my village I have an admirer! A lady who like my cards. She, herself, is involved in cardmaking, but she is making "3D cards", as we say in the Netherlands. And she likes to get a share in making the cards for Church, and so she gave me some 3D panels she makes. It comes from her warm heart, and who am I to reject...?
So, I take her panels and make cards with it every now and than.

I use some background stamps to display her 3D panels. And that makes nice cards.
Show you more of it later this month.
Hope you like the idea! Because I do: it's double joy in my opinion!
Thank you for visiting!
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