woensdag 20 april 2016

The Cook

Today was the last day of my job. The job as a teacher in the fourth group on our local school. This job, initially meant to be a job for five weeks, turned out to be a job for five months! But five weeks or five months, everything comes to an end, and for me that was today. And as I did before, in situations like this, I made a little present for the children. And that is what I like to share today.

The card I made is to thank my colleagues for their support.

The bottles behind the card are the presents for the children. In the bottles is pancakeflour. You only have to add milk, and you can bake yourself a couple of pancakes.

This is in the kitchen at school, this morning.

And a little explanation about the stamps used. The Cook and his equipment are from a stampset by My Favorite Things (BB Recipe for Happiness). He was the inspiration for all this. His name is Kos, and he is the owner of a Greek restaurant " Kostas". Oh no, not in real life, but in one of the method-books for the children. The children love him and the stories of his restaurant. So, and now on to vacation and some more stamping, ha!
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2 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful idea Leni ! This stamp is so funny !

  2. Wat een leuk idee! Dit kokje is geweldig leuk, geweldig wat je ermee gemaakt hebt!