woensdag 29 augustus 2012

Amsterdam, Taste of Summer, Part 1

The 15th of August. A very exciting day for me! I was going to meet two persons I have never met before.
Early in the morning I arrived at the Dam and went for coffee at restaurant Majestic. When I was there I already saw some fun things. One of it I show you here.

It definitely had something to do with the new Vogue magazine for september wich is in stores now.
After coffee I went to Central Station were I was going to meet Hilde and I got nerveus.

But when we met we both knew it was going to be a very nice day.
Hilde is such a wonderful person and it felt good right from the start!
We both went across the street to Hotel Victoria to meet Virginia.

She and her family visited Amsterdam for sight seeing. The moment we saw her we knew Yes, thats her!
She and her family were so very friendly and welcoming to us!

They made pictures of us and after that we went into the city.
We enjoyed a tasty lunch and being together. I have to tell how we "met". We met through Hero Arts flickr group. That name is on the board Virginia holds as you can see here. The tree of us, we are in love with stamping and we truly love the stamps of Hero Arts.
It was so much fun to meet each other!
Thank you Hilde and Virginia for a wonderful day!
I will never forget!

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2 opmerkingen:

  1. .....and I know that Virginia felt the same way. Sure do wish there was a way for all of us to meet like this! Thanks for sharing your day and pictures with us, Leni!

  2. When I think of that day, I get a smile on my face! Vind het nog steeds heel bijzonder Leni!