maandag 3 oktober 2011

I went across the river "Lek" last week to visit the school of my daughter. We live in Lekkerkerk , wich is situated along this river. This is what I saw on the left before I got on the boat. This is the boat wich I had to take to come across. Yes, it's small, it's only for bikes.

This is the boat for cars.

This is what I saw on the right when I was at the middle of the river. The city in the distance is Rotterdam and the bridge with the bows is the "Van Brienenoordbrug".

Some people enjoyed a day on the water.

For me it was like a day out, but my daughter does this every day, in sunshine, in rain, in daylight and in the dark when its winter.....I admire her because she managed so far!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some more of where I live!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Thank you, Leni, for a look at your world - also for the sweet comment you left at my blog. Hope your day is a special one!

  2. Thanks Leni for sharing a bit of your country.
    It is unusual to go to school by boat !

  3. What a fun little trip you made, love the photos Leni!