woensdag 26 augustus 2015

Summer Vacation

It's been a week already since we came back from our Summer Vacation destination: Kefalonia. I have to admit that I never heard of Kefalonia before, but when I was searching for a nice place to go to, I found out that Kefalonia is one of the many Greek Islands.
And off we went, by airplane of course, to what we came to know, is a special, beautiful place on earth.
I still cherish the memories, and go through my photo's again and again.
Here are some of them, just to share some beauty.

This is the house we stayed at, loved it! Surrounded by a beautiful garden and so much olive trees.

The port of Argostoli.

Catch of the day.

Two sea turtles.

A little church somewhere a long the way.

A beautiful door in Fiscardo.

A small street and a lot of souvenir stores.

I always like to see bougainville.

Jan and I enjoying an early cappuchino in Argostoli. Photo is made by Casper. We loved it to have him there too. He always makes us laugh.

Hope you like this little impression of Kefalonia.

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