zaterdag 5 april 2014

Noah's Ark

Last thursday we visited Noah's Ark. First we went to Dordrecht with the Fast Ferry. A beautiful trip over three rivers: the "Lek", the "Noord", and the "Merwede". Once we arrived in Dordrecht we went to Noah's Ark by foot.

Here are Maurits and Casper at the entrance of the Ark.

Noah with the dove, wich returned with a leaf.

On deck of the Ark.

Vieuw over the "Merwede".

There even are real animals! No, not the animals above, these are replica's, but the goat here under :)

Vieuw on the center of Dordrecht.

We ate "Poffertjes" , mmmm delicious!

We enjoyed a wonderful day! A precious memory!

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