dinsdag 30 juli 2013


At first I like to say something about my new bloghead.
For ages I had want to put those flowers at the top of my blog, because I think it expresses the name of my blog very well.
The flowers of the Bougainvillea look like blotting paper to me! Am I right?
And I really love the look of blotting paper AND I love Bougainvillea!
So , thats why!

Last weekend we came back from our summer vacation in Italy. We had a wonderful time and I want to share some things with you!
At first I show you where we were, a little lake in northern Italy, with the name : "Lago di Ledro".

We rented an appartment at Pieve di Ledro.
I can't tell you how blue the water is.

A great lake to sail at and to swim in!
When we there I thought it would be fun to share some photo's wich could be inspirational for crafting/cardmaking.
So, here is the first one.

I loved the vintage painting on the wall!
And here is another one.

I loved this chandelier made of glass.
And than there is something I found in the streets of Pieve di Ledro.

I think this is made by local people, and ins't it fun!
Be sure to be back later this week, because I want to show you more!

And finally I like to share with you the card I made as a thank you card for the owners of the appartement we rented, because they were so friendly to us!
It has everything on it what we did and liked overthere, such as flip flops we used and saw everywhere, the museum we visited, and not to forget the walk in the mountains.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit.

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3 opmerkingen:

  1. love your new bloghead - and your trip to italy sounded fabulous. and many thanks for all your kind comments on my cards - and i still have the little wooden shoes you sent me on the window sill in my kitchen.

  2. Goed om te zien en te lezen dat je zo'n fijne vakantie hebt gehad!

  3. I had so much fun looking at your travel photos in Italy over FB!! Thanks for sharing them! David especially loves the bird photo! Big hugs to you, my friend! Your card for the owner of the rental is perfect! So sweet and thoughtful of you, Leni!